JCCML stands for Jesus Christ Changed My Life.

    JCCML is a faith based brand aimed to spread love, light, and healing. JCCML is about being transparent and unashamed to admit you’ve been lost, but Jesus stepped in and changed your life, to the point that you could never be the same. Even individuals that have a strong relationship with God, still get weary and find themselves lost at times, but once you get to know God intimately one time, He will leave a mark on your life that changes your life forever.


Jesus is changing lives daily and moving constantly. With JCCML, it allows the opportunity to share real testaments of God’s grace and mercy. With JCCML, our mission is to allow others to experience His goodness and promises through Biblical scriptures and positive encouragement.  JCCML recognizes Jesus as the Alpha and the Omega and the sole reason behind many testimonies. The world is in need of healing and love and it starts with people willing to come together to provide it. JCCML is a faith based brand and community aimed to spread love, light, and Jesus to every soul that has been tampered but is still living out their journey here on life, all while chasing Jesus as their guide.

“When I find myself reflecting on my story, sometimes, the only words to sum it all up is, Jesus Christ Changed My Life.”

         -Padriana Grace, Founder of JCCML®